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Enterprise Email

A Robust Email Solution Designed for any Business

  • 30GB Abundant Storage
  • Built on OX7
  • 360o Collaboration Tools
  • Social Integration
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The Perfect Cloud Based Email & Collaboration Service


25GB Email Storage + 5GB File Storage in our all new enterprise level offering that is built around NetApp’s FAS3240, a shared storage device with a 99.999% uptime. Our storage architecture ensures that your data is always safe and always available.


Connect with your device’s default app on Symbian, iPhone, Android or Windows. Access your business mailbox on the go.


Intuitive shared calendaring, Address Book, Files and Tasks only means one thing – you get more done. Easier, better & faster! It’s the perfect way you to collaborate your business on the web.


For consumers and business users who rely on email and use social media: the social capabilities in our Enterprise Email Suite enables them to communicate with their private and professional contacts via one platform, to send and receive emails from any email account, and to take control of your contact data.